Loving some Unity.

Hi all,

We’ve come to the end of the second week of the experience that is Techman Enterprises and we continue to push out some good work.  Another half dozen stories have been completed for one of our partners, along with a fairly major third party video integration, and we continue to push forward with a second partner and their feel-good financial application.  This week coming up we’ll be at the new Softec Tech Brew in Santa Maria, a first of its kind event expanding the reach of Softec to more of the Central Coast.

But what we’ve really been enjoying this week is playing with the Unity framework, Microsoft’s Dependency Injection framework for ASP.NET MVC / WebApi and other platforms.  It’s a great way to use inversion of control and distribute your components to your application, or even mock them for unit testing.   But what makes it even better is, when used intelligently, one can still maintain sound architectural principles while leveraging the framework.   If you like using static utility methods for logging, you can still do so, while not losing the ability to distribute or mock your logging methods.   As we continue to make progress incorporating it into a new architecture we’ll start posting examples of ways to make things like logging or request-level caching a bit easier to manage and maintain throughout an application.

In the meantime we continue to progress on our projects, and we look forward to seeing you at the Softec event!


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