Exciting times in Santa Maria

Hi all,

I apologize for being so busy that we haven’t had a chance to blog much, but that means we’ve got a lot going on.  And we do!

Santa Maria (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a city about 40 miles south of San Luis Obispo, and the largest city in Santa Barbara County) has long struck me as a place that should see a bustling technology ecosystem.  It’s right next door to Vandenburg Air Force base, and it has an airport.   That plus its proximity to us and to Santa Barbara, and it’s bustling area, seems to me that it should have more technology excitement than is maybe immediately obvious.

Lately, there’s been some technology related excitement happening in Santa Maria.  Not only is our first major client, DealerHosts, based in Santa Maria, but some social events are starting to evolve and make their mark.  In the past few months, Softec has had an inaugural TechBrew event there, and is looking to continue the trend there with a series of TechBrews to coincide with the same popular monthly event in San Luis Obispo.   The first TechBrew in Santa Maria featured an armed, robotic, gopher hunting device that was as amazing and inspiring as it was deadly!

Last night, I ventured south again to attend a meetup of the Central Coast Entrepreneurs at the Santa Maria Business Development Center.  The event featured local companies very much engaged in new Virtual Reality technology.  I even tried out a few demos of the technology and while it has a ways to go, its immersive experience is very compelling, and the technology that was on hand last night will make it even more so.  The applications are indeed endless.

I am excited to continue to become more involved in the local technical community in Santa Maria as well as locally in San Luis Obispo.

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